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2010年9月26日 星期日

SPD3159 Hong Kong Heritage

We are poly u speed students and we are going to share our feeling and travel experience to all of you. Before taking all of you to our Hong Kong heritage journey, we have collected different kind of photos and pictures for you! Please have a look~
Stone Circle
Tang Ancestral Hall
Tung Chung Fort

Former Yamen Building of Kowloon Walled City

Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb

King Yin Lei

Former French Mission Building

The Exterior of University Hall, the University of Hong Kong

The Exterior of the Old Supreme Court, Central

Rock Carving at Big Wave Bay, Hong Kong Island
 Behine every photos on the above, there's been some kind of story and history, if you are interested in heritage and monument, just look at our blog, we will show you the TRUTH OF FACT
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