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2010年11月11日 星期四

Hong Kong Railway Museum

Hong Kong Railway Museum is an open-air railway museum opened in 1985,which located in Shung Tak Stree ,Tai Po. It is a branch museum of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and now under the management of the Leisure and Cultural Service Department.. It is located at the site where the Old Tai Po Market Railway Station was built in 1913.

The Kowloon-Canton Railway (British Section) opened in 1910 and Tai Po Market Railway Station was built in 1913 , was one of the stops in the New Territories. At that time, it acted as a centre of administration and trade which indirectly boosted Tai Wo Market's economy by bringing traders there. As the KCRC introduction the electric trains in 1980s ,the new Tai Po Market Railway Station opened in 1983 (to the north (Tai Wo) and south (Tai Po Market)), so the old Tai Po Market Railway Station was close in the same year of April 6.In 1984 KCRC given the old Tai Po Market Railway Station(he buildings and relevant exhibits) to government for the construction of the Museum and opened at 1985.With the long history of this station , it is vaulable for tourist to visit and know about the old Hong Kong.

Inside the museum, it includes the distinctive station building , a narrow-gauge steam locomotive was added the museum in1997, a diesel electric engine named “Sir Alexander” locomotive No. 51 which introduced in Hong Kong in 1955 and added into the museum in2004, also there are six historical coaches that the people are willing to go inside the train to sit and touch it ,so it can increase the experiential values of this station . Other than that there is a red-brick office building too .In the museum there was displaying a lot of the tools used, the train model, signal systems, picture of history and have two exhibition room that show the train tickets and train models ( not only KCR trains but also Japanese Shinkansen and Eurostar)and introduce the history and the development of the train and train station. So it have a high cultural value on it.

About the old station building ,it is architecture different from the other stations along architecture that commonly found in existing old southern Chinese temples, the ridge and gables of the building are adorned with auspicious Chinese motifs ,such as red bats ,peonies and magpies ,which are characteristic decorations on traditional Chinese residences and welcomed by the public at that time.