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2010年10月14日 星期四

A heritage in Wanchai - Blue House

Since Wanchai is one of the important sites for urban renewal, what will be the fate of "Blue House" when facing large-scale redevelopment plan? How to attain a balance between economic development and urban conservation is a big issue that deserves our deep thoughts.

"Blue House" is a hot topic lately. If I ask you to think a heritage in Hong Kong, most of the people may not think "Blue House" first.
But "Blue House" is a heritage certainty. "Blue House" located at 72 Stone Nullah Lane in Wanchai. It is a pre-war building with more than seventy years of history that shows architectural characteristics of both Chinese and Western styles.

Where does the name of "Blue House" come from?
"Blue House" is named from the brilliant blue color painted on its external walls. The workers of the Lands Department only got blue paint during the period of repairing work, so it was used to renovate the external wall at the time.

Many of the internal structures like purlin, staircase, railing are still preserved in their authentic wooden fabric. There are still residents living inside and some of them have to share the kitchen. Since there is no flushing toilet facility inside the building, it still needs the service of "Tao Ye Heung" (somebody helps to remove the excrement from the building every night).

There are a video that is film a "Blue House" resident:

Antiquities and Monuments Office, Leisure and Cultural Services Department