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2010年11月25日 星期四

My experience in the Ping Shan Heritage Trail (Part 4)

Now is a time to end up my experience in the Ping Shan Heritage Trail. Finally, I would like to share my options of the pros and cons in the Trail. After that, you can decide this trail is worth to go or not!

Many preservations for the historical buildings
Preservation of historic buildings and monument in Ping Shan can be continuing. Actually, several variable buildings have been renovated, such as Tang Ancestral Hall in 2004, Tsui Sing Lau Pagoda in 2010, etc. These buildings are protected and repaired by the government. Therefore, the visitors can visit the trail to have orginal taste of historical heritage.

Chance for discovering the values and customs
Ping Shan in Yuen Long district is one of Hong Kong’s most historically significant regions because of Tang Clan, one of the major clans in the New Territories. Therefore, most of the 80s teenagers who live in urban area may not familiar with the traditional culture in the New Territories. They can know more about the conventional culture in Tang Clan as well as the crucial of the preservation. It helps to enhance their awareness of preservation or revirtalizion for buildings that is necessary to do so.

Conservation of Culture heritage
There are a number of archaeological and historic sites in the trail. Due to a part of tourists look for culture tourism, it is an opportunity to develop the cultural tourism in Hong Kong. Thus, the Government have been conducted much conservation through revitalization, repairing, restoring, and etc. As a result, the archeological such as Hung Shing Temple or other archaeological site can be preserved. The awareness of the value to outsiders can spur renews interest and pride among residents.

For the cons, there are also my opinions and feelings after i visited the trail. These are mainly for the environmental aspect.

Certainly, the planning and development will bring some negative impacts. In maintenance or construction work, different pollution will be caused. For example, noise will affect local people living when working is processing because the historical trail is closely with inhabitants. The project also will produce dirt; the quality of air will decrease and become worse. Besides that, water pollution may contaminate the pool, even drinking water. However, these pollutions do not only made by the visitors but also the residents. The hygiene is bad where is close to the residential areas. In addition,
there are not much rubbish bin for the whole trail.

Lack of English support for the shops or even residents

There are still a number of local village residents living in Ping Shan and many of them operate restaurants or snack shops. However, they do not speak well in English even cannot speak English. Some conflicts may occur due to missunderstand. For example, the oversea visitors will try to burst into the local resident house without permit because the residents tend to not close the door. However, the notice regarding the tourists are prohibited entry only in Chinese language.

To sum up, I still think Ping Shan is value to visit the histrical and cultural heritages. There are rich historical resources that can teach or show the visitors the history in Ping Shan since this was a place for the Tang clans to live for many years. The trail is a must for all people visit. The government may do some improvements for the trail. The government may not only focus on revitalization and presevation but also the manpower and the hygiene in the trail. I hope the trail will be improved and become hot place for e-Tourism.:)