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2010年11月24日 星期三

My experience in the Ping Shan Heritage Trail(Part 3)

The last two posts are about the heritage in Ping Shan Heritage Trail. This time i also want to continue this topic. I hope everyone would want to visit the trail after they saw our blog!:)

Sheung Cheung Wai
It is one of the special communities because it is wall-village. For long time ago, there were plenty of pirates attacking Hong Kong so they tended to build up village to protect themselves. Thus, there are number of security methods in wall-village. The visitors can understand the traditional security in this kind of village as well as appreciate their ancestry’s wisdom.
For example, their flat is quite small in which could only accommodate one bed and limited furniture. It is because the residents need to work outside in their daily life. They just need a sleeping area only. Also, they tend to discuss or play in an ancestral hall.
The above situation would not appear in the urban area. Hence, the community in Ping Shan has created a chance for the visitors who can understand more about their living style and architecture style.

Besides the heritage, i also want to introduce the special event in the trail as this is an element of heritage trail.

The visitors may come to Ping Shan to enjoy “Poon-Choi” with the residents . This event attracts a large number of visitors to create lots of stage authenticity. The "Poon Choi" event will be hold to celebrate Chinese New Year in the Tang Ancestral Hall which was constructed by Tang Fung-shun, the fifth generation ancestor of the Tang Clan about 700 years ago. The building is the main ancestral hall of the Tang clan of Ping Shan. It is a magnificent three-hall structure with two internal courtyards and is one of the finest examples of its kind in Hong Kong. From the photos, you can see the lay out for preparing the "Poon Choi" event.

Although there are many historic buildings in Ping Shan Heritage Trail, there are postive and negative impacts in there. I will tell you about these impacts in next time!!:)