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2010年11月18日 星期四

Waterworks Heritage Trail

Hong Kong to many people, visitors and residents, means crowded streets and shops; bustling markets; busy bars and restaurants and traffic jams. Hong Kong is all of this......but more. Much more.

Just a short ride from the heart of the city lies the beautiful, scenic Tai Tam Country Park - one of the many of the territory's country parks which comprise some 43% of the total land area. This Country Park is home to one of the newest and most unusual of the city's heritage trails - the Tai Tam Waterworks Heritage Trail.

When the British came to Hong Kong in the mid 19th century the authorities soon found that the existing water supply, consisting of wells and streams, was insufficient for the needs of the rapidly developing city. The Government then embarked upon an ambitious civil engineering programme of reservoir construction.

One of the most extraordinary construction projects undertaken by the authorities was the building of the Tai Tam reservoir complex, in what is now the country park of that name, between 1883 and 1918. In September 2009 this complex of dams, pumping houses and other buildings were designated historic monuments and the Heritage Trail was created. The trail is approximately 6 kilometres in length and winds its' way through the park.

Walking distance 6 kms
Facilities: Toilets en route