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2010年10月6日 星期三

Everything happens for a reason

When talking about petroglyphs, people will asked that “Who made it?” or “How did they do?”, but I just want to know “Why did they make it”. In this post, I am going to show you the rock carving on Po Toi Island.

There had long been a local legend among the fisher folk of the existence of several rock carvings on Po Toi Island. Finally, groups of carvings were found at the southern part of Po Toi in the 1960's. They are of different motifs and separated by a rock fracture 70cm wide. One group on the left consists of lines resembling stylized animal and fish patterns, while the other on the right is composed of spirals in an inter-locking arrangement.

In fact, not only Po Toi Island but also we found it everywhere in Hong Kong, most rock carvings are situated on a headland embracing the beautiful bay. There is some evidence that early inhabitants who created these carvings depended on the sea for their livelihood. The carvings might have been intended to propitiate the power of the sea and to protect its sea-faring population. But Actually, there is no one knows the reason at all. And I think the rock carvings maybe represent some meaning in their mind.

For visitors going to Po Toi Island, you may take the privately-owned ferry in Aberdeen. The ferry service is operated only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Enquiries on ferry schedule can be acquired at 2272 2022.

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