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2010年10月8日 星期五

My experience in the Ping Shan Heritage Trail(Part 1)

Have you travel heritage trail before?
If no, I think Ping Shan Heritage Trail is worth to introduce to all of you!

Although I think it should have some improvements, there are combinations of heritage, culture and histiry of Tang Clan which is the
one of the “Five Great Clans” in the New Territories.
First of all, I want to introduce Tsui Sing Lau Pagoda because it has a story.
It was built to avoid evil spirits from the north, prevent floods and help the Tangs win a title in the imperial examination.
However, there are 7 floors at the begining.
It is reduced to 3 floors only because of erosion.
According to Fung Shui, the Tang Clan believed that it
determined which scholars were to pass examinations and receive titles in the pass.
Now I stop here and I will start my second post soon!=)